March 15, 2024

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Absolutely Quirky Ping Pong Tables Let You Play in Unique Styles and With Multiple People

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Absolutely Quirky Ping Pong Tables Let You Play in Unique Styles and With Multiple People

This collection of Ping Pong tables, created by the French design firm NEDJ, questions and breaks all the rules of the game, such as why the table must resemble a miniature tennis court. What if it appeared more like a squash court or a golf course? What if it was intended for a chaotic game between three players as opposed to just two??

The new tables reinvent the game in such a way that even seasoned players should feel like inquisitive amateurs, adding a sense of fun and surprise. The era of bland, rectangular tables is over. In order to provide the ball with more surfaces to bounce off of, these tables can be curved, perforated, or even three-dimensional. Please consider this my official request to include these tables in the Olympics.

The Table GOLF (in yellow), Table TRIO (in red), Table REBOUND (in green), and Table TOURNANTE (in yellow) are the four main styles of NEDJ’s ping pong tables. Each of the four tables has a unique layout based on the various playing styles. For instance, the game “Golf” has a Beer Pong-like feel to it because players score points by ping-pong ball-shooting opponents’ balls into the hole. On the other hand, the Trio is designed for three people. The table has a hexagonal design that is divided into three equal parts with a Y-shaped net in the middle, and is based on artist Asger John’s invention of three-sided football. The goal of the game is to be shrewd enough to team up to defeat the more talented or powerful player, placing them at a clear disadvantage and introducing some frantic fun into the game.

Absolutely Quirky Ping Pong Tables Let You Play in Unique Styles and With Multiple People

With its ability to bounce off various angled surfaces and add new dynamism to the game, the Rebound table transforms the ping pong ball into a parkour artist. To succeed, you must anticipate the rebounds and time your shot to put your opponent in a challenging situation. Last but not least, the Tournante appears to be the simplest table but calls for the most agility. Players are required to run around the table and switch sides every two volleys in a game style known as “revolving.” This implies that there may be more than two players participating in a single play, with the number of players increasing to as many as 6-7 who alternate turns at the table with each shot. The table’s rounded edges not only make moving around it much simpler, but they also help you improve your aim and ball-spinning skills so you can keep the ball on the table.

Short for “Nouvelles Expériences de Jeu” (or New Gaming Experiences), NEDJ is a design company based in Paris that aims to fundamentally alter well-known games. Ping pong tables are their signature line, and the studio has even altered conventional ping pong rackets by giving them new, oddball shapes. The tables, which are entirely made in-house, range in price from €2,300 ($2521 USD) to €3,000 ($3,289), while a set of 12 racquets costs €1,500 ($1,644).


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