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American Tourister Luggage Review: Is It Worthwhile?

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luggage review

American Tourister received 72 out of a possible 100 points on Clever Journey’s Best Luggage Brands list. When looking for suitcases, you have probably seen the American Tourister brand alongside other well-known ones. Is American Tourister’s luggage significantly superior to other brands? To learn more about American Tourister luggage, read this article.

What Is American Tourister

In Providence, Rhode Island, the American luggage manufacturer American Tourister was founded. Sol Koffler founded the company and invested his entire life savings in it with the goal of making high-quality luggage accessible to the average American.

Travel, according to Sol Koffler, ought to be enjoyable rather than stressful. By offering high-quality luggage, he could reassure travelers that their possessions would be secure.

Advantages Of American Tourister Luggage

  • Affordable Prices. Most carry-ons sold by American Tourister are priced between $50 and $100, making them one of the more affordable brands of luggage. You can anticipate spending between $60 and 180 on a luggage set. American Tourister provides outstanding value for your money in the affordable range.
  • Excellent Warranty. Everyone is aware of Samsonite’s trustworthy warranty. However, most people are unaware that Samsonite and American Tourister share ownership and that their respective warranties are nearly identical. Samsonite owns American Tourister.
  • Great Design Variety. Each of the many different luggage collections offered by American Tourister is available in a wide range of hues and patterns. You’ll probably find a suitcase that suits you, whether it features Star Wars imagery, Disney characters, or traditional business designs.
  • Well-Reviewed. American Tourister has amassed a sizable fan base among the thousands of reviews, with many of its bags earning ratings above 4.5 on Amazon.
american tourister luggage review

Disadvantages Of American Tourister Luggage

  • Lack of features. Low prices are accompanied by a dearth of advanced features. The majority of cases are fairly basic and don’t provide many extras like TSA locks, expansion zippers, USB chargers, suiters, or other intelligent packing features.
  • Unsuitable for frequent travel. The luggage from American Tourister should last for at least three to eight years if you travel only occasionally, such as once or twice a year. The durability of their bags starts to rapidly deteriorate as you use them more frequently.
  • less resilient than they once were. Customers of the brand claim that the quality of the suitcases has declined recently. The main problem customers have been having lately is a decline in handle and wheel quality.

About American Tourister Luggage


You constantly have to be concerned about soft-side luggage tearing or getting squashed. These apprehensions are allayed by the American Tourister Moonlight luggage. It comes in a strong, lightweight clamshell design.

The 32-liter capacity should be sufficient for the majority of short trips, and it can even be expanded by an additional two inches if you really need to carry more.

The interior is functional and comes with tie-down straps, a mesh divider, and a watertight lining to keep your belongings organized and packed tightly. The AmazonBasics hard-side Spinner Luggage might be a better option if you’re looking for luggage that is a little more scratch-proof.


The minimalist yet elegant design of American Tourister luggage is available. There are only smooth edges and clean lines. There are a whopping 14 different colors that can be used to make it stand out, some of which have unique artwork. This clamshell-style luggage has a lightweight ABS exterior.

For added convenience, the top and sides have two non-retractable handles and a fully retractable handle. The four spinner wheels are easy to maneuver because they are smooth, requiring little effort.


American Tourister doesn’t make their suitcases from pricey materials like polycarbonate, aluminum, or nylon in order to reduce production costs.

Instead, they use less expensive ABS or ABS/Polycarbonate blends for their hard-side luggage and polyester for their fabric suitcases. They can maintain their prices at reasonable levels in this way.

We discovered that the following problems are the ones people encounter most frequently while reading the reviews:

  • Cracks in hard-side suitcases
  • Tears near seams in their fabric suitcases
  • Broken off top and side handles
  • hard-side luggage can get scratched easily
  • Broken spinner wheels

Although they weren’t too frequent, these problems did arise for people who used their suitcases frequently or for five or more years. American Tourister isn’t for frequent travelers, as we mentioned above, but it can be a cheap way to transport your belongings if you travel a few times annually.


The pros of this luggage are numerous. It comes packaged in a chic, vibrant way. Along with being attractive, it provides plenty of room in a well-organized system so that you can store and locate your belongings with ease.

The American Tourister line also provides exceptional practicality with multiple handles and sturdy multidirectional spinner wheels. All of this is offered at a fantastic price and with a 10-year warranty.

Like the Rockland Melbourne hard-side, American Tourister luggage is an excellent value whether you purchase it from Amazon.com or another retailer.


Everyone is aware of how trustworthy Samsonite’s warranty is. Although they are owned by Samsonite, American Tourister offers nearly identical warranty terms to them, which most people are unaware of.

Three categories can be used to classify American Tourister’s warranty:

  • Limited global warranty
  • Limited 10-year warranty
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Except for the warranty’s duration, which is either a lifetime, ten years, or three years, all terms of the warranty are the same.

Normal wear and tear, improper use, or airline damage are not covered by these warranties. For instance, you wouldn’t be covered if your suitcase has cracks when it exits the luggage carousel because that would be considered airline damage.


The cost of suitcases from American Tourister is fairly reasonable. They are slightly more expensive than Rockland and Merax, but they are still less expensive than Delsey, Travelpro, and Samsonite. Expect to spend between $60 and $100 on a single hard-side or soft-side suitcase. Spending for Samsonite would range from $100 to $180.

Their luggage sets cost less overall and are of decent value. Plan on spending between $50 and $180 for a 3-piece luggage set. We gave their prices a 9 out of 10 ratings based on their longevity and warranty. It’s challenging to find anything better at these costs.

Customer Reviews

  • Linda M. Nicpon: When I bought it as a gift for my son-in-law, I really didn’t look it over very well. My son-in-law found that one of the wheels does not function properly. He has been having a hard time contacting Am. Tourister to get it replaced. Not happy as this was not a cheap item and my experience with Am. Tourister in the past has been good.
  • Mike: Great so far. Rolls well, with nice compartments on top. The only downside is that I didn’t realize how large it is. This is not a “normal” checked bag, it’s an XL. It was close to the 50lb. limit even when it wasn’t full. Just a heads up. Don’t plan on filling it up.
  • Robert: I bought this bag to take on a trip to Italy. This bag didn’t hold up at all. The handle broke off and the tie down on the inside broke as well. Do not purchase this and spend the extra bucks to get a better suitcase.
  • Cheftopps: We loved the suitcase when we got it. It rolls nicely and fits a ton of stuff, but after one trip to Disney, the seams are fraying in 4-5 spots. I am in the process of contacting customer support. I’d hate to have to pay the shipping to RMA this beast. I’ll update you when the situation is rectified.

Most Popular American Tourister Luggages

Best Carry-on For Children And Teenagers: Disney Kids 18″ Upright‍

Disney Kids

Why? Because this tiny suitcase has plenty of room for clothes and toys, and kids will adore the various Disney-themed prints. Some of the chaos is organized by the straps and pockets on the inside.

Best For Families: Fieldbrook Xlt 4 Piece Set‍

Fieldbrook Xlt 4 Piece Set‍

This four-piece set is ideal for a family of four because it includes a piece for each member and is all of the same color and brand to keep things neat and tidy. For older kids, the wheeled duffle bag is ideal, and everyone’s in-flight entertainment fits easily in the carry-on.

Best For Adults: American Tourister Curio Spinner Large‍

American Tourister Curio Spinner Large‍

The independent traveler will love this sturdy suitcase. The expandability can accommodate additional luggage if necessary, and the combination lock will keep all of your belongings secure.


In general, American Tourister is a good brand for infrequent travelers and those looking for a warm and fashionable mid-range suitcase. The variety of colors and styles they offer, despite the fact that they aren’t made to last forever, make them great bags for children and teenagers.

With the majority of its luggage and luggage sets costing about the same as the other budget-friendly brands, American Tourister provides excellent value.

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