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Can You Swim In The Pink Lake? It Is Safe!

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Pink Lake

Lake Hillier won’t impress you with its size due to its short length of 600 meters. The variety of fish that live there won’t particularly impress you either. Your eyes will be delighted by the pink hue of Lake Hillier. So, can You go swimming in Pink Lake? Swimming is permitted in Australia’s Pink Lake. Despite having a bacteria that gives it its color, Pink Lake in Australia is not toxic.

What Is Pink Lake?

A salt lake in Western Australia’s Goldfields-Esperance region is called Pink Lake. Even though the lake’s waters have historically been clearly pink, they haven’t been since 2017 for over ten years.

Pink Lake’s pink hue is a result of the salt content being at a certain level; as a result, Pink Lake might turn pink under certain circumstances. The South Coast Highway connects there and heads east. It is situated about 3 km (2 mi) south of Esperance.

The mechanics behind why a river turns rose are very complicated. The pond’s color may be impacted by environmental changes and climatic conditions. The Pink Lake of Esperance’s blue color has been lost as a result of changes in salinity brought on by human activity.

Spencer Waterway was given that name in 1848 by John Septimus Roe, an Albany resident who later helped to found the colony of West Australia. According to rumors, the lake next door, named Lake Warden, was given to Sir Richard Spencer by his wife, Lady Ann Warden Spencer.

Prior to 1966, when the Shire president, Cr. W. S. Paterson successfully petitioned the Committee on Geographic Names, Lake Spencer was officially designated as Pink Lake because of its distinctive pink hue.

The Pink Lake, along with its surroundings, arteries, and nearby businesses, has long been a popular tourist destination in the Esperance area.

Causes Of Pink Lake Water

The green alga Dunaliella salina, the halobacterium Halobacterium Cutirubrum, and/or an increased concentration of brine prawns change the water’s distinctive color.

The alga begins to produce the red pigment beta carotene once the lake water reaches a salinity level higher than seawater, the temperature is sufficiently elevated, and the number of light requirements is met. The salt crust at the lake’s bottom is where the purple halobacterium thrives.

Researchers found that halobacteria and Dunaliella salina, a type of algae that thrives in cold environments like pink rivers, are both present in pink water bodies like Lake Hillier.

The red carotenoid pigments that Halobacteria and d have secreted. Salina is to blame for the mysterious hues of the purple waters. These same algae also flourish in the Dead Sea.

Pink Lake

Can You Swim In Pink Lake?

Although swimming in the lake is safe and enjoyable, regular tourists are unable to do so because they cannot access the lake.

You might be curious as to what makes this Pink Lake—or any of the other Pink Lakes—in different parts of the world so alluring. Its uniqueness is one of the reasons.

Some people enjoy the idea of “swimming in salt” because of the lake’s extreme salinity, which makes it a unique experience.” If you try it, you’ll definitely have a story to tell later.

In contrast to the typical vacations, you might take, swimming in Pink Lake is an interesting change of pace. If you enjoy strange and unusual experiences, it is probably something you should add to your bucket list.”

However, avoid drinking this water. It is not toxic to swim in, but it is unfit for drinking. If you’re interested in visiting any of the other pink lakes, information about them is provided below.

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Are Pink Lakes Safe To Swim In?

Although swimming in a pink lake is possible in theory, it is not recommended due to the high salt content of the water.

Additionally, at least one park website encourages visitors to leave the park in the same condition that they found it. For the sake of preserving these natural wonders for future generations, it is, therefore, best to stop swimming in Pink Lake.

Are There Any Other Pink Lakes?

Yes, Australia is blessed with a wealth of these natural wonders. There are more than ten pink lakes in Australia, including Lake Crosbie, Lake Becking, Lake Kenyon, and Lake Hardy in Victoria, and Hutt Lagoon, a purple inlet in Western Australia between Geraldton and Kalbarri.

Pink Lake, Esperance

You might assume it would be pink given its name, Pink Lake. False. Pink Lake is not actually that pink, but if you visit on a day when there is little natural sunlight to reflect off the tiny salt crystals, as we did above, you might just notice the light pinkish hue around the edges.

There have been rumors that locals want to change the name back to the original Spencer Lake because Pink Lake is an absurd stretch and attracts tourists who frequently leave feeling underwhelmed.

swim in pink lake

Lake Hillier, Middle Island

Fortunately, there is another, pinker lake nearby (130km away). One of Australia’s best strawberry milkshake pinks is Lake Hillier, but the only ways to get there are by boat charter or by flying.

The A-Class Nature Reserve is situated on Middle Island, the largest island in Western Australia’s Recherche Archipelago, and visits by boat are only permitted occasionally throughout the year with Jack Black Charters.

Rottnest Island

Pink Lake is a lake on Rottnest Island. Despite not being particularly vibrant pink, Rottnest Island’s Pink Lake can be explored if you follow The Wadjemup Bidi Trail, which consists of five sections over 45 km and includes landmarks that are both culturally and environmentally significant as your guides.

If walking is not your thing, take the bus tour of the island; the driver will point out where you can get off and go for a stroll along their light pink-rimmed shore. From an aerial perspective, they will be easier to see than from the ground.

Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre)

Although I haven’t yet reached this pink lake on foot, I vowed to do so after taking a commercial flight over Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre), Australia’s largest inland lake, in the middle of South Australia’s outback, and being so struck by its majesty.

When Lake Eyre floods, it is thought to be the best time to see the lake turn the most exquisite shades of pink, tangerine, and saffron and fill with flocks of birds, even though it is more likely to be pastel than punch during the dry season.


Despite the fact that it is unknown whether swimming in the pink lake is safe, it is unquestionably a stunning and extraordinary experience that you ought to cross off your bucket list. So go ahead and jump in, just make sure to check the lake’s safety for swimming before you do.

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