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Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions? Yes!

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eyelash extenstion when swimming

Most of us enjoy taking occasional, lengthy swims in the pool. It can be difficult to beat sweltering afternoons in the summer without a refreshing swim.

What if you use eyelash extensions? Can you swim while wearing eyelash extensions? With eyelash extensions, you can swim. The glue needs four hours to fully cure, so we advised against getting your eyelashes wet after your appointment.

Can You Swim In The Pool With Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can swim in a pool while wearing eyeglasses, but you might want to wear goggles while doing so. You should take some precautions before entering your neighborhood pool or swimming in the sea because both chlorine and salt water can harm your eyelash extensions and dry out your skin.

You are not required to wear goggles if you are swimming in freshwaters, such as a lake or pond, because it doesn’t harm eyelash extensions as much.

On the other hand, it can be tempting to rub your eyelashes after a swim, so it may be best to protect your eyelash extensions at all times to prevent damage. 

Your eyelashes may become brittle if you use sunscreen. Although you should definitely apply a very strong SPF before going to the beach or pool, keep it away from your eyes. To shield your eyes from dangerous rays, wear sunglasses.

Can You Swim In The Ocean With Eyelash Extensions?

Using eyelash extensions allows you to swim in the ocean. False eyelashes will keep you looking gorgeous all the time and are an excellent alternative to mascara or strip lashes.

Two factors in an ocean, though, can adversely affect the retention of your lash extensions: salt and water pressure from waves.

Salt And Eyelash Extension Retention

Without a doubt, whether you had your false lashes applied a day or a week earlier, lash glue reacts poorly with salt. Even more harmful than oil-based cosmetics to the longevity of eyelash extensions is salt.

Do you know that table salt can free fingers that have been joined by superglue—another cyanoacrylate—from adhesion?

Just like that, salt water can affect the bond that your natural and false lashes make with each other. This works because salt absorbs the moisture that was used to initially set the glue.

Small amounts of salt don’t harm eyelash extensions over time, though, because the body normally excretes salt through perspiration.

Water Pressure And Eyelash Extension Retention

The retention of your eyelash extensions can be negatively impacted by water pressure from waves. High water pressure will cause friction on your extensions similar to what would happen if you rubbed your eyes. You will experience premature extension loss over time.

Actually, you should exercise caution in areas other than the ocean. High-pressure showers are also a cause for concern for those who wear fake eyelashes.

Consider not getting direct water on your lashes, for instance, if you are wearing lash extensions at an amusement park. Additionally, letting a strong shower stream fall directly on the eyelash extensions will shorten their lifespan over time.

How Long Do You Need To Wait Before Getting Lash Extensions Wet?

Before getting eyelash extensions wet, there is no need to wait between 24 and 48 hours. For the glue to fully cure and firmly bond the extension to your natural lash, 4 hours of waiting time is sufficient.

If you read old articles online, almost all of them will advise you to give your eyelash extensions at least a day before getting them wet. Some even advise you to wait 48 to 72 hours before moisturizing them. With this rule in place, you aren’t even allowed to cry or wash.

A few years ago, when lash adhesives were produced differently, lash technicians used to advise such a long waiting period.

The 24-hour waiting period is outdated and does not currently pass muster.

Eyelash Extension

Lash Extensions Care While Swimming

Wearing watertight protective goggles is one of the best ways to protect your eyelash extensions while swimming. Alternately, you can stay away from swimming in chlorinated or salt water for extended periods of time.

Even though leisurely swimming is usually acceptable, you should avoid doing laps or engaging in strenuous activity while wearing lash extensions. Your extensions may become damaged, loosened, or even removed due to the motion and effort of the water. 

Lash Extensions Care After Swimming

If you are a true lash enthusiast and have previously had lovely eyelash extensions, you are well aware of the aftercare procedures. Many beginners, however, are unaware of the special treatment procedures that take place after the eyelash extensions have been applied. 

Having gorgeous and eye-catching lashes comes with maintaining clean, buildup-free lashes. A daily cleaning schedule can help you accomplish this.

You can maintain the condition of your lashes without using excessive oils or unneeded chemicals by using clean mascara wands and a specialized lash cleanser.

Imagine you spent the day at the beach, taking leisurely dips in the clear ocean waters. Your lash line may accumulate as a result of the moisture, sunscreen, chlorine, and saltwater in the air. Cleaning your lashes should therefore be one of the first things you do when you get home.

Get out some cotton pads, your preferred mascara remover, and the wand or brush for it. Start by dabbing the cleanser onto the freshly cleaned mascara wand or onto the lashes themselves.

Brush your lashes gently to get rid of any dirt or oil that has accumulated along the lash line. Use cotton pads or a soft washcloth to dry those eyelash extensions in the end. 

How Long Should You Wait To Swim After Getting Eyelash Extensions Wet?

If you recently had your eyelash extensions applied, that is the only time you should absolutely avoid exposing them to water. Reduce the likelihood that you’ll wet your extensions during the first 48 hours.

After that time, the adhesive used to attach your eyelash extensions is strong enough to permit you to get them wet, allowing you to swim in any body of water. Just be sure to avoid using any equipment that might endanger your eyelashes, such as goggles. 

How To Dry Eyelash Extensions After They Get Wet?

Drying your lashes is the next step after removing any salt, chlorine, or other residues from your lash extensions. Eyelash extensions can be dried in 2 different ways:

  1. Patting your face gently with a lint-free towel. To drain the extra water, place the towel underneath the lashes. To avoid rubbing or pulling at the eyelash extensions, you should avoid running over the area around the eyes. Otherwise, both your natural and fake lashes might fall out.
  2. Blow-drying on a cool-low setting. A blower that emits cold air should be used instead of hot air, as well. Then, using the mascara wand or spoolie, gently brush your eyelashes. As a result, the extensions will be easier to open up and less likely to bunch up. This step is crucial for bringing them back into style, so don’t skip it.

Five Mistakes When Swimming With Eyelash Extensions

Mistake 1: I Cannot Take A Dip In The Pool

Fact: False! While it is true that you can swim with eyelash extensions and enjoy a dip in the pool, it is best to provide necessities before donning protective goggles and entering the water.

Mistake 2: All Lash Extensions Are Swimming Friendly

Fact: Our factory at Momi Eyelash sells eyelash glue that enables swimming without compromising the length of the eyelashes. However, nothing is perfect to a 100% degree. Wearing goggles is advised if you plan to play in the waves or swim beneath the beach to reduce friction.

Mistake 3: Use Waterproof Mascara

Fact: No, it will probably smudge while swimming. You can see that while you enjoy yourself, you’ll be like a panda. Even if you don’t swim, it is best not to use it.

Mistake 4: Saltwater Is Safe For My Eyelash Extensions

Fact: Unfortunately, it is not, and it is not advisable for your eyelashes to spend too much time in the ocean. Since saltwater is so highly corrosive, neither iron nor steel can withstand it.

Salt can quickly damage the extension’s link, causing it to separate from your natural eyelashes. Wear safety goggles to keep your lashes even more protected if you’ve recently returned from an ocean vacation!

Mistake 5: I Do Not Need To Use Any Products For Lashes After Swimming

Fact: To keep your lashes healthy for a longer period of time, we advise investing in a few specialized lash cleaning products, if you don’t already have any. Never leave the house without the appropriate packing materials.

Tips For Swimming With Lash Extensions

It’s time to talk about some of the best insider tips and tricks of the business now that we have covered how you can swim with your new lashes. These advice will benefit any person who loves eyelashes, whether you intend to visit a beach resort or take a long shower after work.



Would you like more defense while swimming? Then consider including goggles with your gorgeous swimsuit ensemble. These poolside necessities can help keep your lashes dry and add a little flair to your outfit.

However, watch out for overly tight goggles. So that the goggles won’t directly brush up against your freshly applied lashes, you should loosen up those straps in the back. We don’t want any extra tugging, do we?

No Mascara

If you intend to swim while wearing lash extensions, another excellent tip is to stay away from mascara. Even though mascara gives lashes a little bit of depth and zing, they are still cosmetics made with oil. You can spare your lashes from the extra chemicals and oils by giving up mascara.

Do Not Rub The Eyes

We all instinctively rub our faces and eyes as soon as we get out of the pool or the ocean. If you have lashes, you shouldn’t engage in this activity. The pulling and rubbing motions can lead to loose attachments and premature fall-out.

Less Sunscreen

It goes without saying that wearing sunscreen is essential during the summer. Although sunblock should be applied to the face as well, we advise using less near the eyes. particularly close to the lash line. Let us explain why.

You can choose a stylish pair of sunglasses to prevent the additional oil particles from coming into contact with your eyelashes. Your lashes won’t have to carry sunscreen particles, and your eyes will be shielded from harmful UV sun rays as a result.

Dry Your Lashes

The final advice is to dry those pesky things right away after you get out of the water if you’re swimming. Even though the lash adhesive will have fully dried by then, patting them dry will help you keep your lash extensions in pristine condition. Your beach day bag needs to include a small washcloth or a few cotton pads.


If you take the proper precautions to safeguard your false eyelashes and take care of your extensions after you get out of the water, swimming with eyelash extensions is acceptable. You can definitely enjoy swimming with your eyelash extensions on after the 24- to 48-hour recovery period from your procedure.

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