March 15, 2024

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College Basketball Coaching Changes 2023: Texas, Georgetown, Syracuse, St. John’s Lead Jobs Filled

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College Basketball Coaching Changes 2023: Texas, Georgetown, Syracuse, St. John's Lead Jobs Filled

The most recent list of the more than 50 job swaps in the coach hiring cycle of 2023, with only a small number of positions still open.

Even though the college basketball season is over, the coaching carousel is still spinning a little bit. In this cycle of the year, 53 jobs have changed, and we may see one or two more in the coming week.

Of the 53 switches, only eight still need to be filled, but a school like Utah State (currently vacant) could pluck a sitting head coach for one more domino.

The high-major positions that had been waiting to be filled before the Final Four were finally filled. If you want to catch up now that UConn is the national champion, I’ve got you covered. We had stories on all of them.

  • Mike Rhoades left VCU to coach at Penn State. The seven-year agreement is for almost $25 million. Rhoades will have more resources at his disposal than any other coach in PSU history, which is a significant haul.
  • Further south, VCU immediately tapped Rhoades will be replaced as coach at Utah State by Ryan Odom. VCU made a wise decision; Odom can carry on a long tradition there.
  • On the other side of the country, California hired Mark Fox will be replaced by Mark Madsen. Yes, the Mad Dog will serve as Cal’s head coach. Undoubtedly intriguing, and Cal made a late change of heart after other candidates got involved.
  • Texas Tech was the last power-conference job to close, needing to wait for Grant McCasland to win the NIT with North Texas. Before deciding to accept a power-league job that made sense for him and his family, McCasland declined a number of offers over the previous two years.
  • After coaching FAU to the most wins (35) of any team this season and getting the Dusty May will soon sign a lengthy and lucrative contract extension, May and FAU AD Brian White told CBS Sports. Owls to the freaking Final Four.

These hiring decisions used to be accompanied by a brief respite as the staffs were filled and the spring recruiting season was organized, but that is no longer the case. All of the men you see listed below have been constantly on the phone since starting their new positions because portal wars are ongoing even before a new coach is in place.


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