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Do Adidas Run Big Or Small: Generally True To Size

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Do Adidas Run Big Or Small

One of the most recognized sports brands worldwide is Adidas. It doesn’t need to be introduced. Do Adidas shoes fit well? Before purchasing a pair of Adidas shoes, many people have this question in mind. In general, Adidas shoes fit true to size, so they don’t typically run large or small. Learn more about Adidas shoes by reading the article.

Do Adidas Run Big Or Small

Adidas shoes run true to size. Different models and collections might not, however, fit as well as you might anticipate. The Gazelle, Cloudfoam, and Ultraboost models are just a few of these.

Except for the three models mentioned above, all Adidas shoes for men and women fit true to size. Unfortunately, you will need to order one size larger for Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0 because they tend to run small. The most recent version of Ultraboost 3.0, however, operates accurately.

Conversely, Adidas Cloudfoam women’s shoes have a tendency to run large, so you will need to order one size smaller for the perfect fit. It will therefore be a trial and error process if you order any of these three models. The perfect fit will be achieved by all other models.

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Things Besides Size That’ll Affect Your Adidas Shoe Fit

Many people believe that the only important consideration when looking for a suitable pair of shoes is shoe size.

To make sure you purchase Adidas shoes that fit properly, you should take into account a number of additional factors. The shoe depth, your arch type, the intended use, and the shoe shape are a few of these.

Shoe Shape

If you want to be as comfortable as possible, your shoes should fit your foot perfectly. How much room you have for your toes, balls, and heels depends on the shape of your shoes. You’ll experience discomfort and even pain when wearing shoes that are the correct size but the incorrect shape.

Do Adidas Run Big Or Small

Arch Type

When you walk, your foot arches help you stay balanced by absorbing shock. Normal, high, and low arch types are the three main arch types.

In order to guarantee a proper fit and maximum support for your body weight, it’s critical to purchase the appropriate shoes for your arch type. Buying the incorrect footwear increases your risk of injury and may cause back knee, and heel pain.


What kind of activity are you planning to do in your Adidas shoes? The space, flexibility, and support in your shoes should be adequate for the task at hand.

Even if they are the right size, wearing the incorrect shoes for your activity can cause serious health problems and leave you with sore feet.

Adidas offers footwear designed specifically for everyday use, walking, running, and a variety of ball sports. If you choose the appropriate style, your activities will fit well.

Shoe Depth

Many people pay more attention to shoe length and width than depth, which has a significant impact on fit. Your shoe should have enough room at the top so that your toes don’t rub against the upper material.

Wearing too-shallow shoes frequently results in calluses and corns. Wearing uncomfortable shoes with insufficient toe room can also result in hammertoes, a condition where the toes bend upward.

How To Measure Your Adidas Shoes Size

Method 1

The steps listed below can help you determine your proper Adidas shoe size.

  1. Don’t wear socks or shoes, if possible.
  2. Make sure your heel is touching the ground and place your bare foot flat against the wall.
  3. Placing a ruler or a tape measure to the side of your foot requires that you make sure that the tool’s tip touches the floor in the same place that your heel does.
  4. The height of your foot, which need not be the big toe, can be gauged by measuring it from the floor (your heel) to its highest point. The index (second-largest) toe is frequently the tallest toe for the majority of people.
  5. To confirm your measurements are accurate, go back and repeat the previous steps.

Method 2

When it comes to fit, width matters more than length, which is only taken into account when measuring shoes. Obtaining this measurement is crucial because studies have shown that wearing shoes that don’t accommodate width causes painful feet.

For greater accuracy, use method 2 to measure the length and width of your feet. How to approach it is as follows:

  1. To make sure it doesn’t move while you’re measuring, take a piece of blank white paper and tape it to the ground.
  2. Step on the paper and make a pencil or pen mark in the form of your foot. To increase accuracy, you might think about having someone else trace the shape.
  3. Use your other foot to complete the motion.
  4. Measure the distance between your longest toe’s tip and the heel’s end as shown on the sketch using a tape measure or ruler.
  5. Next, take a measurement of the area of your foot that is the widest, which is between your big and pinky toes. You will receive the width as a result.
  6. Find the correct shoe size by comparing your length measurement to the Adidas sizing chart.

General Sizing Guidelines For Adidas Shoes

The fact that Adidas shoes fit true to size alone is insufficient. To choose the proper Adidas shoe size for you and your children, it is still critical to understand a few general principles. You can learn even more information about “how Adidas shoes fit?” by reading the guidelines below.”

Never Assume

Many of you are Adidas shoe brand devotees and may own various shoe models from this company. But you should never assume that a certain shoe size will always fit your feet. 

As you may already be aware, even after we stop growing, our feet continue to change. These variations are caused by various factors/events. For instance, people with medical conditions like diabetes often have wider feet than usual as a result of swelling. Women who are pregnant may also experience this. 

Therefore, it’s critical to take new measurements of your feet whenever you want to purchase a new pair of Adidas shoes.

Precision Is Key

To determine the best Adidas shoe size for your feet, you should refer to the aforementioned foot measurement advice. When it comes to the ideal fit and degree of comfort, even a half-inch can make a significant difference.

So, remember to follow the measurement instructions above to get the most accurate size. 

Consider Your Orthotics

It is best to take this into account when measuring your feet if you have a specific foot condition and must wear orthotics most of the time. 

In essence, orthotics are thicker than regular insoles and can take up more room inside your shoes. Therefore, in this instance, orthotics may give the impression that your shoes are tighter than they actually are. As a result, this may have an impact on your ideal measurements. 

Measuring your orthotics, if any, is a must before making a purchase. Depending on the size of the Adidas models, you might want to order a size up, half a size up, or even a full size. 

Identify A Bad Fit

Adidas offers a variety of sneakers in various shapes, as you may or may not be aware. Therefore, if it doesn’t fit you well, you shouldn’t interpret this in the wrong way. Instead of attempting to make the shoes perfectly fit, you can always return them and try another pair.

If your Adidas shoes don’t fit properly, look for the following signs. If your shoes tend to come off when you walk, you may have noticed this. If your shoes are too big, this frequently occurs.

On the other hand, you might experience tightness or squeeze as the inside of your shoes press against your toes. When your shoes are too small, this happens. Continued use of this shoe may result in foot pain and even more serious problems like deformities. 


So, how do Adidas shoes fit? Well, the majority of Adidas shoe models run true to size. However, when choosing from the Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0 lines as well as the Gazelle line, you should keep in mind wider feet. You can find a pair that fits even when you shop online as long as you take accurate measurements and remember the various suggestions.

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