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Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small?

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As a result of their appealing features, Hey Dude Shoes have become incredibly popular. Their shoes are super stylish and incredibly light. Do you guys run big or small, then? Hey Dudes can run large or small. We’ll go over the Hey Dude shoes in more detail in this article. Please keep reading.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small?

Hey Dudes, sizes may vary. Their shoe sizes vary depending on the model. You should adhere to their sizing recommendations for the models if you want the perfect fit.

Are you a half-size shoe wearer? Hey Dude shoes do, in fact, come in full sizes. It is suggested that you just purchase the following large size if you typically wear half sizes for a proper fit.

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How Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit?

Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit Loose?

Hey Dude, shoes shouldn’t be loosely fitting. You wouldn’t be able to move your toes freely in the shoes if you had purchased the correct size. That is so because Hey Dude Shoes are made to be used for running and dancing. On these occasions, a snug fit is preferred.

To avoid this problem, are you considering sizing up? If you size up to prevent the small fit, it could go wrong. A very roomy fit can be obtained by sizing up from your correct size because Hey Dude Shoes do not come in half sizes. Eventually, it might feel floppy.

Instead, you can purchase the footwear from their “Barefoot” collection. You have sufficient room for your toes in those shoes, and they fit your feet snugly.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Wide Or Narrow?

Because Hey Dude Shoes focus on the proper fit, their shoes are not excessively wide. Too-narrow shoes frequently restrict blood flow, which can harm the feet. It is preferable to wear footwear that allows you to comfortably set your feet inside.

It’s easy to choose from Hey Dude Shoes’ wide and standard width options. You can also change your size if you don’t like the way the fit is pre-made, though. Customizable soles made by Hey Dude Shoes are made specifically to fit the size and shape of your feet. How cool is that?

Do Hey Dude Shoes Come In Wide Widths?

A wide-fit version of some Hey Dude shoe styles is available. The wide fit isn’t offered in every Hey Dude shoe style. Even so, the styles that are offered in the wide fit range are incredibly generous in terms of foot room.

Instead of sizing up if the sizing is a problem, you can just choose the wide fit. For the customers, this option has been very practical.

Hey Dude Size Explained

Hey Dude Youth Shoes

In contrast to other well-known brands like Nike, it is unclear whether Hey Dude shoes in this category run large or small. Model to model, sizes differ. For a more informed choice, you might want to review the Hey Dude shoe size conversion chart.

Hey Dude Women’s Shoes

Compared to Nike, Hey Dude shoes for women typically run large. The size of a Nike shoe and a Hey Dude shoe may not differ in some instances, though. This makes it a little challenging to provide a definite response.

Hey Dude Men’s Shoes

hey dude shoe

Comparatively speaking to Nike shoes, Hey Dude shoes for men typically run large. These shoes do seem to run small in some instances, though. In light of this, and especially when compared to other well-known brands like Nike, it is impossible to say for sure whether Hey Dude shoes run large or small.

How To Keep Hey Dude Shoes


Styles of Hey Dude Sox are made of a fabric with two layers of elastic. This material is made to maintain shape while allowing for flexibility so the shoe can conform to the wearer’s foot.

These shoes require less tender loving care to maintain their great looks thanks to the presence of sturdy recycled plastic material and neoprene backing.

When necessary, we advise washing your Sox Hey Dude shoes in cool water with a color-catching detergent. Additionally, don’t forget to take the insoles out of the shoes before washing them.


Hey Dude claims that canvas shoes can be machine washed, which is contrary to the majority of manufacturers. Wait until the canvas shoes are dry before putting them in the washing machine if they are muddy.

Tap the soles of your shoes against a wastebasket, newspaper, or other surfaces to remove loose dirt and debris.

After that, wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt. The removable insole should then be removed, along with the laces if the shoe is laced, and placed in your washing machine’s cool wash on the no-spin cycle.

Hey Dude Stretch Style

The Stretch styles from Hey Dude are made from elasticized fabric. With wear, these shoes will stretch and adapt to the contours of your foot. Nevertheless, the material’s stretchiness means that, in comparison to the Sox material previously mentioned, the shoes may need a little more care.

In comparison to canvas or other fabrics, stretch fabric is also thought to be a little more delicate. This gives it a more worn-out and weathered appearance after machine washing. To avoid this, we advise washing whenever necessary in a pillowcase with a product that absorbs color.


For both adults and children, Hey Dude Shoes are a well-liked brand of footwear, but many parents are unsure of whether these shoes run large or small. The answer is yes; however, there might be slight variations in the widths of various models and styles. The fact that cotton and canvas shoes tend to stretch with wear and may end up running large after a few days is another thing you should keep in mind when buying shoes.

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