April 13, 2024

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FIFA World Cup: India Couple Marry in France, Argentina Football Shirts

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FIFA World Cup: India Couple Marry in France, Argentina Football Shirts

In a nation where cricket is the sport of choice, Keralan football supporters have always stood out for their passion for the game.

The state prepared to watch the Argentina vs. France championship game on Sunday, and it was no different.

As thousands of spectators gathered to watch the game, makeshift screens were set up throughout the state and Argentinian and French flags fluttered in the wind.

But one couple particularly stood out for their love of the game. Sunday’s championship game fell on the same day as Sachin R and R Athira’s wedding. Even though they were in agreement on most wedding-related matters, they couldn’t agree on which team to support in the championship game.

Athira is a fervent supporter of the French football team, while Sachin is an avid admirer of Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

They were married in a ceremony that took place in Kochi city hours before the two teams faced off in one of the most spectacular World Cup matches in history at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium.

In addition to their jewelry and traditional wedding attire, the couple wore jerseys with the number 10 on them. Athira wore one for French forward Kylian Mbappe, and Sachin wore Argentina’s colors for Messi.

The couple reportedly hurried through their reception and wedding feast after getting married in order to get back to Sachin’s house in Thiruvananthapuram, which is 206 kilometers (128 miles) away, in time to watch what turned out to be an exciting final.

Argentina won the World Cup trophy after a 4-2 victory in the penalty shootout, giving maestro Messi, 35, a chance to do so.

Since Sunday evening, fans in Kerala, where Messi has a sizable fan base, have been celebrating the victory by waving Argentina flags and lighting fireworks displays all over the state.

If Argentina won, the owner of a hotel in Thrissur would have given away free biryani.

When FIFA tweeted about fans erecting enormous cardboard statues of football stars in the state last month, it demonstrated how dedicated the state is to the sport.

Neymar, a well-known Brazilian athlete, acknowledged his local fans and pointed out the statues.

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