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How Much Does A Basketball Weigh?

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How Much Does A Basketball Weighs

You can learn how much a men’s basketball, a women’s basketball, an NBA basketball, a youth basketball, a mini basketball, and a properly inflated basketball weigh in this article.

Basketball balls can vary in size and weight depending on the players’ ages and physical abilities, just like in many other ball sports, soccer being a prime example. Basketball newcomers might mistakenly think that all basketballs weigh the same amount. However, depending on a number of factors, the ball’s weight may change. What is the weight of a basketball?

NBA basketballs typically weigh 21 to 22 ounces, or 1.3 to 1.4 lbs, or 588 to 616 grams. The difference will only be about half an ounce, or 14 to 15 grams, depending on how much air is in the ball or the pressure to which it is inflated.

What Are The Typical Basketball Weight And Size?

Although basketballs come in a variety of sizes, the NBA basketball weight is typically the standard. Therefore, the weight of a professional NBA basketball will be about 1.4 pounds.

The ring measures 29.5 inches in diameter. Another important factor to take into account is the air pressure, which needs to be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per square inch on average.

How Much Does A Men’s Basketball Weigh?

When it comes to men’s basketball, we examine two typical weights and sizes. The first standard is that of a basketball with a 29.5″ circumference with the weight of 21 oz. or 1.30 lbs. 22 oz. is the second standard. or 1.38 lbs. of weight with a 30″ circumference.

When it comes to the NBA, the standard size for basketball in this league is still 54 inches. 30 inches (74 cm) for both men and women. The official weight is 22 oz. in the meantime. or 21 oz. respectively.

men basketball

When it comes to international competitions, the standard Molten GL-7 basketball, which measures 30.7 inches, is used.

When we discuss high school or the NCAA, the typical size and weight gradually vary as we descend the social hierarchy. The official weight becomes just 22 ounces along with an average circumference of 29.5″ or sometimes 28″ respectively.

When it comes to children between the ages of 4 and 8, the official size drops to roughly 22 to 24.5 inches. This is so because children’s hands are smaller, which makes it easier for them to get a firm grip on the ball.

How Much Does A Women’s Basketball Weigh?

You might think, “What could be the cause of the size and weight differences between a basketball for men and women?”Well, not to be discriminatory, but women’s hands are generally smaller than men’s. They feel more at ease holding a smaller-sized basketball as a result.

Let’s get right to the point: a women’s basketball must weigh 18 ounces and have a 28.5-inch diameter in order to be considered a standard size.

The second standard weight is also 20 ounces and has a size of 29 inches. The weight and size of a basketball according to the official statistics, with consideration for women. On international duty, women play basketball with the standard Molten GL6. Its circumference is approximately 28 inches.

The WNBA, on the other hand, shows no discrimination in terms of size and weight and it remains the official 29.5″ circumference along with 22 oz. weight. Female athletes in the NCAA or high school use basketballs that weigh about 20 ounces. The size decreases somewhere from 28.5″ to 26″-27″ respectively.

women basketball

Moreover, the official size of 22″ to 24.5″ is recommended for girls aged between 4 to 8 years.

How Much Does A NBA’s Basketball Weigh?

The NBA is the most competitive and successful basketball league in the world, and every player aspires to play there. The NBA is the most well-known organization, despite the fact that there are numerous other ones with a variety of styles.

NBA guidelines and specifications state that the ideal weight for men’s basketball is 1.37 pounds. Contrarily, the circumference measures 29.5 inches tall. You can now calculate the weight of an NBA basketball with some degree of accuracy.

The WNBA relaxes the requirements for weight and circumference due to the physical nature of women. The WNBA basketball has a circumference of 28.5 inches and a maximum weight of 1.13 pounds.

How Much Does A Youth Basketball Weigh?

The junior basketball leagues, also referred to as the youth leagues, are the professional level for up-and-coming stars. Instead of playing basketball as we know it, they use a smaller college ball.

Mini basketballs, which are lighter than NBA basketballs used by professionals, are also used by them. Youth basketballs are frequently categorized as size 5 according to standard measurements.

It weighs about 1.25 pounds, which is less than NBA basketballs. The ring has a 27.5-inch circumference. Any young athlete under ten years old uses this type of ball for regular practice and competition.

Anyone eight years old or younger may use a 4-sized basketball. The circumference of this ball is 25.5 inches, which is significantly less than the size of typical NBA balls. Typically, a size 4 weighs 0.87 pounds.

kid basketball

How Much Does A Mini Basketball Weigh?

The size of the basketball varies depending on the participant’s gender, age, and level of skill. The ball in a game at the school level might be of GL for younger players. The mini basketball is intended for kids ages 3 to 5 and typically weighs around 0.625 pounds (10 lb) or 283 grams (g).

How Much Does A Properly Inflated Ball Weigh?

A perfect basketball typically does not have enough inflation. It is unlikely that you will notice if you are playing on outdoor basketball courts.

For regularly playing professional athletes, the same cannot be said. If you don’t have a solid understanding of the weight of a properly inflated basketball, you’ll end up over or under-inflating your basketball.

A typical inflated basketball must weigh at least 22 pounds. On the other hand, the inflation error margin is roughly 0.03 pounds. Thus, it’s fantastic if you stay within this range.

How Much Does A Basketball Weigh In Grams?

If you have no idea what pounds mean, do not be concerned. As a unit of weight measurement in the metric system, the gram is used. The information is therefore all presented in grammatical form for your convenience.

For junior balls, a size 4 basketball weighs about 397 grams. As mentioned earlier, it is relatively light when compared to other sizes.

The size 5 gains significantly in weight until it reaches 481 grams. It is not challenging to understand because this size is for children ten and older. As a result, the players’ weight and size increase to fit their physique.

Numerous leagues and organizations now work with different manufacturing businesses to produce their tournaments. The NBA is the benchmark for all basketball players because it offers the most intense competition. They use a 623-gram ball that is 7 inches in diameter.

How Much Does A Basketball Weighs

A marginally distinct metric is employed by the WNBA. They use a 6-sized ball with a circumference that is 2-3 inches narrower and weighs 510 grams. These readings will also change if there is a greater air inflation pressure inside the ball.

The NCAA substitutes Wilson balls for Spalding balls. As a result, their men’s basketball has a 30-inch diameter and weighs the same as NBA balls.

Women’s basketball has a diameter of 29 inches and weighs about 566 grams. The International Basketball Federation measures basketball dimensions differently as well.

Despite having a common weight of 566 grams, they all feel slightly different in the hand due to production differences. Women’s basketball is 29 inches in diameter, compared to 30.5 inches for men.

How Is The Air In A Ball Measured?

Your game may feel significantly different depending on the air pressure inside the basketball. But you need to know how to measure air pressure in order to keep the pressure at the right level.

Here, you’ll discover how to keep the basketball’s air density high using the psi, or pounds per square inch, a measurement that has become the industry standard for measuring pressure in basketball. The pressure inside a basketball should be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per square inch.

For measuring air pressure, a pressure gauge is the best tool. It is also a common tool for assessing a gas’s or fluid’s strength.

It is able to determine the overall pressure that is trapped inside a small area. Determine the air pressure by gently inserting the gauge into the ball’s needle aperture. The dial or screen will display the ball’s psi.

Interesting Facts About Basketball

  • A basketball’s pattern and grain are meant to closely resemble those of a baseball.
  • Leather with a fine, full grain is used to make basketballs.
  • The NBA, WNBA, and the Euroleague’s top division, the Euroleague, all use basketballs that are officially manufactured by Spalding.
  • Albert Goodwill Spalding, the company’s founder, played professional baseball as a pitcher for the Boston Red Stockings (later merged into the Atlanta Braves), and while he was still playing, he established a sports goods shop in Chicago. The business later expanded into manufacturing and distribution, and it is still operating today, nearly 120 years later.
  • Approximately $170 (2021 price, just over £123 Sterling) will buy you an official full-grain leather basketball.

Final Thoughts

In fact, the size and weight of the basketball do affect how it is played. One of the reasons officials pay close attention to maintaining the basketball’s standard air pressure and circumference is because of this.

Basketball’s circumference, inflation pressure, and overall weight can all be measured in a variety of ways. Consider your gender, age, and the league you will play in when choosing a basketball.

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