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How To Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat? Simple Steps

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How To Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat? Simple Steps

Your yoga mat should be the only equipment you require in addition to the appropriate clothing. We all know that owning a yoga mat entails cleaning it. You need to know how to properly clean your mat given everything you can and will do on it because sweat and dirt won’t get rid of themselves.

Yoga mats from Lululemon are made from specific materials that need to be cleaned in a particular way. Learn how to clean a Lululemon yoga mat by reading this article.

What Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Made Of?

Polyurethane, cork, latex, natural rubber, antimicrobial additives, and many other materials that make up the Lululemon yoga mat. Polyurethane makes up the top layer, which helps to absorb moisture to improve grip during your sweaty workouts.

The foam (polyurethane) in this particular one has grown in popularity because it is heat-resistant and is made of joint units connected by carbamate links. The base is made of rubber to provide a stable, cushioned, and non-slip surface.

In order to maintain hygiene, it’s crucial to keep the yoga mats free of mold and mildew. The antimicrobial component found in Lululemon yoga mats was chosen for this reason.

People with rubber or latex allergies should be aware of this before purchasing these mats because they contain latex.

How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats

Step One: Prepare The Cleaner

You can make one of three different cleaning solutions to clean your Lululemon yoga mat. Below is a detailed explanation of each of these. All of them really work well; it just depends on what you already have in your kitchen or what you feel more comfortable using.

The First Method Uses Essential Oils

To make a spray, combine 1 part white vinegar with 4 parts water in a spray bottle. then incorporate up to 20 drops of tea tree oil. While the white vinegar breaks down dirt, grease, and grime, the tea tree oil kills germs like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The Second Method Uses Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

If you notice that your Lululemon yoga mat is starting to smell a little, this is a great alternative cleaning method because baking soda helps get rid of unpleasant odors.

To make a spray, combine 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon baking soda, and up to 10 drops of lemon juice. While lemon juice has antibacterial properties, baking soda removes stubborn stains and gets rid of bad odors.

The Third Method Uses Warm Water And Mild Dish Soap

If you’re looking for a deeper clean, this approach may be the best. Furthermore, you probably already have the majority of these ingredients in your kitchen. To start, fill a small or medium-sized basin with warm water—but not too warm—and a few drops of mild dish soap.

Step Two: Spray Your Lululemon Yoga Mat

Spraying the entire yoga mat is the next thing you should do after preparing your cleaning solution. The entire surface must be covered.

If you’re employing the third technique, mix the basin just a little after adding the water and dish soap. Your yoga mat can now be cleaned by dipping your sponge into the basin (no need to use any sprays at this point).

How To Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat? Simple Steps

On the other hand, since method 3 is the messiest because it uses more water, you can do this in a bathtub or make sure your Lululemon yoga mat is placed on a towel. Additionally, remember to clean your mat on both sides.

Step 3: Wipe Down Your Yoga Mat

Using your cleaning cloth or sponge, wipe your mat clean from front to back after you’ve sprayed it. It shouldn’t take long, but you want to make sure you wipe everything down thoroughly.

Step 4: Let The Yoga Mat Air Dry

Finally, let’s hang it up to dry after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. You can do this over a chair or on your washing line.

One important thing to keep in mind is to avoid placing your yoga mat in the sun. The Lululemon yoga mat is 61% natural rubber, which explains this. Unfortunately, UV light also degrades natural rubber and may leave surfaces porous and slick.

Your Lululemon yoga mat will be ready for your next yoga session when you have waited about an hour and it is completely dry.

Therefore, even though it will take an hour to clean and dry your yoga mat, you will only use about two of that time to actually work. The remainder of the time is spent letting it air dry. Not to mention that it will be thoroughly cleaned, and you’ll see a big improvement.

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Lululemon Yoga Mat Regularly?

After every single practice, you should clean your yoga mat, including Lululemon yoga mats. Cleaning your mat after each use has many benefits. You should always clean your mat after every practice for the top five reasons listed above.

It Prolongs The Life Of Your Yoga Mat

Cleaning your mat will extend its shelf life and ensure that it always remains fresh and clean. By removing the sweat’s long-lasting bacterial, fungal, and other microbial mats, you will be eradicating these contaminants.

You can use a natural cleaner like the one mentioned earlier in this article with confidence because you know exactly how much of each ingredient is being used, and it’s also healthy for both you and the environment.

It Helps To Avoid The Hard Deep Cleaning

We all understand that if we continually put off doing things like cleaning, the final clean-up is the most difficult because we now have to clean everything we neglected to do before.

You won’t need to worry about the difficult deep cleaning because your mat will already be clean and fresh if you clean it little by little, such as after each use. Your nose and mat will appreciate the cleanings.

Everyone Loves A Clean Yoga Mat, Even Your Fellow Yogis

The sole purpose of every yogi’s attendance at a yoga class is to engage in yoga. What if you are deeply committed to your yoga practice and are about to master a pose that you have been working on for months when all of a sudden you detect a disagreeable odor?

You know it isn’t you because you cleaned your yoga mat after the last class, but then you realize it’s the mat of the person sitting next to you.

You do not want to be the person in class who is obstructing the other yogis because you neglected to clean your mat, which is another reason why it is highly advised that you do so after each practice.

Your yoga mat will smell better until the next cleaning, even if you just add some essential oils to your homemade cleaner. Your fellow yogis will all be grateful.

A Clean Yoga Mat Is Better For Your Own Health

The best thing for our physical and mental health is to avoid bacteria and fungi. Although we come into contact with some of them every day and have developed an immunity to them, there are still some that are simply unhealthy for us to breathe in or even be around.

The bad bacteria and fungus start to colonize our mats if sweat is allowed to sit for a long period of time without being cleaned. Consider cleaning your mat as maintaining your health and the health of those around you.

You Can Establish A Cleaning Habit

We are creatures of habit and as such, habits will inevitably manifest. We all have both good and bad habits. Ironically, it’s harder to maintain good habits than it is to break bad ones.

However, to keep a good habit, you must practice it regularly. Over time, your body and brain will start to identify the habit as good because it is improving your mood. Cleaning your mat regularly can become a good habit; it just takes some effort.


To put it simply, there are some drawbacks to the Lululemon yoga mat. If the mat is not properly maintained, the stickiness may eventually fade. You won’t be able to imagine not cleaning your mat after each use once you get into the habit of doing so.

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