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Is Soccer a Contact Sport? An Ultimate Explanation

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is soccer a contact sport

The way that football is played today—or soccer for our American audience—involves contact. If you continue reading, you will likely come to the same conclusion.

There is a heated argument over whether soccer belongs in the category of contact or non-contact sports, despite the fact that its status as the most popular sport in the world is undeniable.

Is Soccer a Contact Sport? A contact sport, according to soccer fans. The likelihood of physical or bodily contact occurring, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is always high when twenty outfield players are running and vying for the ball.

Try to understand why soccer is a contact sport after reading this article.

Is Soccer a Contact Sport?

Although there are obviously limitations, the sport is technically a contact sport. It is similar to basketball in that contact is permitted, but only in certain circumstances. If a player was hindered and the contact did not adhere to the rules fairly, soccer will not permit it.

Soccer is a contact sport because it allows players to challenge one another by allowing them to tackle.

Older soccer fans believe that the rules regarding tackling have changed so drastically that the game has lost its physical edge, becoming more similar to a non-contact sport, despite some pundits’ assertions to the contrary.

However, if you watch matches like The Battle of Santiago (1962), The Battle of Bramhall Lane (2002), The Battle of Nuremberg (2006), or any Fenerbahce vs. Galatasaray match, you will notice that there have always been and will continue to be situations in sports where things can get a little out of hand.

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Definition of a Contact Sport

We must first define what a contact sport is before discussing the specific reasons why soccer is considered to be one.

is soccer a contact sport

Although heavy contact between players is strongly discouraged in this sport, it will occur. Heavy contact is not a requirement for the game. These sports typically include basketball and soccer. There will be contact, which may be either intentional or unintentional, but not on every play, and it is not a requirement under the rules.

In sports, player contact is frequently broken down into different levels, such as full contact, collision, and non-contact. Collisions happen naturally during play in full-contact sports, and if they were to be eliminated, a large portion of what makes the sport unique would also be removed.

In non-contact sports, there is no physical contact between competitors. A good example would be swimming. A serious problem may have occurred if you run into another player.

Why Soccer is a Contact Sport?

Due to its intense competition and the way it is played, soccer is a contact sport. The game would be entirely different if tackling were prohibited and only interceptions were permitted.

It Involves the Use of the Body to Shield the Ball

Shielding is a crucial dribbling technique used by soccer players to maintain possession of the ball in confined areas. Shielding typically happens when a player with the ball positions themselves between an opponent and the ball in an effort to physically block the opponent from the ball.

The player shielding the ball will come into contact with the opposing player as they both attempt to win back the ball.

Contact through Slide-tackling is Almost Inevitable

Sliding on the ground toward the opponent’s player who is holding the ball is referred to as a slide tackle in soccer. Although a slide tackle is legal if done safely, the physical contact that results from it can cause serious injuries, which is what makes soccer a contact sport.

Soccer is a contact sport, and all of us have seen or perhaps even been present when players have broken their legs while playing on the field.

Shoulder to Shoulder is Allowed

Shoulder barging is definitely permitted. Everyone who follows soccer is aware that pushing is forbidden. But a shoulder push during fair charging is permitted. A lot more powerful force is referred to as a barge. It is frequently used primarily to get rid of a player from their position.

When a player is trying to win the ball in soccer, the term “shoulder barge” is used to describe a situation in which the player physically moves an opponent out of the way so that the player wins the ball. Soccer players always collide as a result of this common practice, which is why there is contact.

Is Soccer a High Or Low Contact Sport?

This question’s response, however, is highly debatable.

It’s important to note that other sports involve significantly more physical contact. Examples include boxing, karate, wrestling, judo, and even American football.

Football generally falls between sports with high and low contact.

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