May 18, 2024

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LeBron James Scoring Tracker: Lakers Star Hangs 43 on Charlotte, Continues Surge Toward NBA’s All-time Mark

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LeBron James

In New Orleans on February 2, James is on track to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring mark.

With 43 points in the Lakers’ 121-115 victory over the Hornets on Monday, LeBron James continued his ascent toward the NBA’s all-time scoring record.

James will surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record of 38,387 career points this season, barring a protracted injury absence. The race’s current standing as of Monday’s events is shown below.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar38,387___
LeBron James37,903485

James is currently scoring 29 points per contest. On Saturday, February 10, in New Orleans, he is predicted to break the record for most points scored if he keeps up his current rate and does not miss any games. 4.

The NBA won’t care if James plays in a few extra games; the Lakers host the Milwaukee Bucks on Feb. 9 and visit the Warriors from Golden State on February 11, both on national television.

  • LeBron’s last three games: 43 vs. Atlanta, 27, versus Charlotte, 47. Miami
  • LeBron’s next three games: vs. Against Atlanta on January 4, Miami plays. 6), at Sacramento (Jan. 7)

“I’m eager to witness it. I don’t see records as personal accomplishments, but more as human achievements,” LeBron might surpass his record, Adbul-Jabbar predicted prior to the 2021–22 season. “We all have a chance to accomplish something if one person can do something that has never been done before. It offers inspiration and hope. In 1954, Roger Bannister ran a four-minute mile. Since then, 1,400 runners have not only lowered their personal bests, but the new record is also 17 seconds shorter. When a record is broken, we all win, and if LeBron breaks mine, I’ll be there to support him.”


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