April 17, 2024

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Lorson Cousins Have Played a Major Role for South Williamsport

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Lorson Cousins Have Played a Major Role for South Williamsport

Sage and Abby Lorson are frequently confused for sisters. Their last names are just one part of it.

There has never been a softball game between the Lorson cousins. From T-Ball through high school, they were never rivals. Actually, those who believe they are sisters might be right.

It certainly seems that way as you watch them play.

“People always assume we’re sisters or twins,” Sage said. “As a result of the connection’s existence, we don’t need to work as hard to establish it.”

Since Abby and Sage first put on their cleats, it has been there. The Lorson’s have been integral parts of the success of all their teams because they have been constant teammates and close friends. And this year, both players helped South advance to the Class AA state semifinals, continuing the tradition.

South (21-2) will play Bald Eagle Area on Monday in the Eastern Region final at Central Mountain after making it to the state’s Final 4 for the first time since 2004. They are still on the same lengthy softball journey they started in elementary school.

“It’s surreal,” Sage said. “I’m waiting for someone to pinch me to jolt me out of my dream.”

“We’ve done everything together,” Abby said. “It’s been really cool working our way up to this point and sharing everything with one another.”

Since their first day at South, Abby and Sage, both sophomores, have played first base and right field respectively. They have combined for 26 RBIs this season, producing in the middle of the order and playing solid defense.

A year ago, both cousins had an immediate impact as South went from not making the playoffs in 2021 to winning the district title and making it to the state quarterfinals. This season, South has advanced further, and the bond Abby and Sage share undoubtedly helps.

“They’ve helped big-time, as everyone has,” third baseman Kendall Cardone said. “Family ties allow them to support one another in a way that no one else could.”

Together, Abby and Sage have gone through a lot of experiences. They were teammates on an 8-year-old team that won the state championship, assisted the 12U team in making it to the Little League World Series, and are currently dependable contributors for South, which just won its first back-to-back district championship of the 2000s. And when this one is over, they still have two years of high school left.

Even more strength is being added to that connection. Although they don’t live together, the Lorson family has pretty much experienced every softball success and emotion together over the years. That connection encourages each other to shine at their best.

“We’ve always known only this. We’ve always had that bond,” Abby said. “We play really well together because we have a lot of chemistry and are so close.”

Sage and Abby perform admirably off the field, just like their teammates do. They have both played softball and are both members of the National Honor Society. Despite the fact that Abby and Sage are related, they feel a strong familial bond with each of their teammates as a result of the team’s enduring camaraderie.

Additionally, they have traits in common that their coaches value more highly than their performance data. That applies to all the players, to be honest, but the Lorsons have evolved into a unit over the years. Both follow each other’s lead.

And that makes some coaches and teammates happy.

“First off, they are genuinely good people who put in a lot of effort. They have really good makeup and attitudes and are very coachable,” Tom O’Malley, the South coach, stated. “Being their coach is simple. Intent on improving, they pay attention. They behave in this manner.”

The Lorson family will eventually stop playing softball together. However, what a journey thus far has been. Oh, the memories these two will be able to look back on as they get older.

Family get-togethers should be fun as a result.

“It’s definitely a conversation starter,” Sage said. “It’s been really fun.”

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