April 10, 2024

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Manchester United: Antony Says He Will Not Change His Ways

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Manchester United Antony says he will not change his ways

Manchester United winger Antony says he’s “not going to stop doing what got me where I am” after his showboating criticism in the Europa League.

The ball was stuck to Antony’s left foot as he produced a 720-degree spin to defeat Sheriff Tiraspol on Thursday.

Boss Erik ten Hag said afterward he will “correct” the Brazilian should be used if a player is being overly showy.

“We’re known for our art and I’m not going to stop doing what got me where I am,” wrote Antony on Instagram.

The 22-year-old posted the message on Friday.

After Antony spun, he immediately kicked the ball out for a Sheriff goal-kick.

Ten Hag denied that it was the reason he replaced the £85 million winger at the break.

“I don’t have a problem with tricks as long as it’s functional,” said the Dutchman who also served as Antony’s Ajax manager.

“I expect more from him, including more runs behind, frequent box appearances, and pocket play.

“When a trick like that exists, it’s nice as long as it works. It’s fine as long as you aren’t dropping the ball, but if he is tricking you, I will correct him.”

Manchester United Antony says he will not change his ways

Neymar, a PSG player, and fellow Brazilian offered Antony his support by writing on social media, “Keep it up, don’t change anything!” Go for it boy! Boldness and joy”.

And Antony’s Brazil and Manchester United team-mate Fred told ESPN: “I believe it all stems from the fact that we are Brazilians. The blood of Brazilians is quality. Since Pele, having quality has meant being able to dribble, score, dance, and smile. People need to comprehend this aspect of who we are, in my opinion.

“Because he has the talent for it, he must continue dribbling and doing what he enjoys. I can’t do that, and neither can Casemiro.

“I believe those with quality must demonstrate it on the field there. You have the option to control it in a different way. If he likes a particular spin, you must perform it. As long as you dance respectfully toward your opponent, of course, you are free to dance.”

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