May 27, 2024

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Matt Rhule explains how CMC’s special impact goes beyond football

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Matt Rhule explains how CMC's special impact goes beyond football

In Week 8, during the San Francisco 49ers’ 31-14 victory over the Los Angeles Rams, Christian McCaffrey transformed his dual-threat skills into a triple-threat by showcasing his quarterback abilities with a touchdown pass to Brandon Aiyuk.

Beyond his prowess on the field, he also contributes another vital component to the game of football.

It goes without saying that McCaffrey is an excellent athlete, but he’s also a fantastic human being.

No matter what jersey he wears, McCaffrey’s relationship with his coaches—past or present—and their families inspires coaches like Matt Rhule to always be by his side.

Rhule, who coached the Carolina Panthers from 2020 until he was fired five weeks into the 2022 NFL season following a 37-15 loss to the 49ers, joined NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” on Tuesday and discussed their unique friendship that they shared while they were both governors of Carolina.

“Of course, it hurts that I was fired because he’s a great guy. I got fired on Monday or Tuesday, the next week, my wife and son were flying out to see the Penn State game and Christian walks into the airport,” Rhule explained. “It’s difficult for my wife because she doesn’t get to say goodbye to anyone before having the players over and going through the separation. Then my son, who worked as a ball boy for the past three years, is also let go.


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