April 13, 2024

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Monday Headlines: Kentucky Men’s Tennis Wins SEC Tournament Edition

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Monday Headlines: Kentucky Men's Tennis Wins SEC Tournament Edition

Fans of the Kentucky Wildcats tennis team witnessed an incredible comeback on Sunday when the Cats came from behind to defeat the Georgia Bulldogs and win the SEC Tournament 4-3.

In a third-set tiebreaker, freshman Jaden Weekes won the match and the tournament after it had been extremely close and tied 3-3.

Here you can access the complete match results.

The team’s performance on Sunday impressed head coach Cedric Kauffmann.

“What a win for our program,” head coach C. E. Kauffmann said. “All weekend long, we had to compete against tough opposition while trailing against Tennessee and today. It is an incredible achievement. After playing in the SEC Tournament Final and the NCAA Tournament Final with this group the previous year, this was our third final together. The group was fervently seeking it out. The victory was made possible by the efforts of all the players and employees. From players 1 through 12, I am proud of everyone on this team. Matt Gordon is the best coach in the nation, if I had to say anything else. He changed the course of our plan. Credit goes to him.”

The 2012 regular season champion Wildcats had not won the conference postseason crown since 1992 (when they had also won the regular season title). The victory, which is only a year after Kentucky’s historic run to finish second in the NCAA championship game, is their second in school history.

With the momentum of a five-game winning streak, Kauffmann’s team finishes the season 24-4 and will now prepare for the NCAA Tournament. The event will take place from May 17 to May 27. Following their impressive weekend, the Wildcats are predicted to earn a top-8 seed.

Reference: www.aseaofblue.com

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