March 15, 2024

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Pablo Mari: Arsenal Defender Being Treated In Hospital After Being Stabbed In Shopping Centre Attack In Italy

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Pablo Mari

Pablo Mari was discharged from the hospital on Sunday after undergoing surgery on Friday to reduce muscle damage after a wound to his back; Monza CEO Adriano Galliani told Sky Italy that Mari, who is 6ft 4ins, was “saved” due to his height, and said In the shopping cart, Mari had his son.

Pablo Mari, an Arsenal defender who underwent surgery on Friday after being stabbed in a supermarket attack in Milan on Thursday, was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Six people were attacked at a mall in the Italian city, including Mari.

After being released from the hospital on Sunday, the 29-year-old, who is currently on a season-long loan to Monza, is now recovering. According to local reports, one of the six victims, who was reportedly a supermarket employee, has passed away.

The trauma team at Milan’s Niguarda hospital announced on Friday that it had performed surgery to reconstruct two damaged muscles in Mari’s back. Surgeon Alberto Chiara revealed to Sky Italy the belly muscles were stitched back together and Within two months, Mari is able to resume working.

“I fear it’ll be three months before he can be back on the pitch as he can start training after two and put in a big effort as he makes progress,” According to Sky Italy, Andrea Galliani is the CEO of Monza. “In terms of sports, he won’t be back on the field for more than two months.

“According to the doctor, he would have most likely died if his back muscles hadn’t been strong enough to stop the knife from cutting deeper. He had strong muscles that stopped the knife, and being an athlete undoubtedly helped.”

Quoted in Gazzetta Dello Sport, Mari said: “I was fortunate to witness a death right in front of me.”

He later said in an Instagram post: “After the difficult moment we went through yesterday, my family and I want to say that, fortunately, we are all fine despite the circumstances. We also want to say thank you for all the supportive and heartfelt messages we have been receiving.

“We also want to express our condolences and all of our strength to the family and friends of the deceased, and we sincerely hope that all injured people get better as soon as possible.”

Pablo Mari

The attacker, later identified as a 46-year-old man and detained by police, was seen allegedly stabbing another person in the throat as Mari was walking in the store in Assago, close to Milan, with his wife and son, who was in a trolley, the Italian newspaper reported. Sky Italy reports that investigators have ruled out terrorism.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has said Mari “seems to be OK”.

“I know [club technical director] Edu has been in touch with his relatives,” said Arteta following the 2-0 Europa League loss to PSV Eindhoven on Thursday.

“He appears to be fine and is in the hospital. I’m going to get a briefing on what happened right away.”

Arsenal issued a club statement on Thursday night: “We are all horrified to hear the terrible news of the stabbing in Italy, which has left several people hospitalized, including our center-back on loan, Pablo Mari.

“Pablo is hospitalized but not seriously hurt, according to Pablo’s agent, with whom we have been in contact.

“Our hearts go out to Pablo and the rest of the victims of this terrible incident.”

Monza chief executive Adriano Galliani has told Sky Italy Mari was stabbed in the back and had a “fairly deep wound”, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Galliani said: “Fortunately, Pablo Mari’s back wound, which was fairly deep, did not extend to any of his life-sustaining organs, including the lungs.

“Since there is no threat to his life, he should recover quickly.”

Galliani also told Sky Italy that Mari, who is 6ft 4ins, was “saved” due to his height, and confirmed In the shopping cart, Mari had his son.

“He told me about this incredible incident,” said Galliani. “He was seated next to his wife, with his son riding in a trolley. Nothing escaped his attention. He then felt the criminal’s knife, which was painful, in his back.

“He regrettably witnessed the criminal also stab someone in the throat. He witnessed everything that took place, and it was extremely upsetting.”

Galliani later told Gazzetta Dello Sport that Bologna’s Serie A match against Monza has been postponed at the request of Monza.


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