March 21, 2024

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Seth Towns to Take Up 8th Year of College Basketball Eligibility

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Seth Towns to Take Up 8th Year of College Basketball Eligibility

Prior to being severely injured, Towns was the Ivy League Player of the Year.

When Seth Towns steps onto the court in the 2023–24 season later this fall, he will enter rare air.

Towns, who was the Ivy League Player of the Year while playing for Harvard, transferred to Howard University and is now eligible for his eighth season of collegiate basketball. In a post on Instagram, the guard announced the news.

“The Mecca. So blessed,” he wrote as a caption of a picture of himself in front of a Sign for Howard University.

To start his collegiate career, Towns chose Harvard over schools like Ohio State and Michigan. Before sustaining a knee injury that forced him to miss the 2018–19 and 2019–20 seasons, he spent two full seasons with the Crimson.

He played in 25 games while playing for Ohio State, averaging 3.8 points and 2.2 rebounds each game. He transferred there for the 2020–21 season. He had back surgery in 2021 and announced in 2022 that he was retiring from basketball before announcing that he was leaving the university.

“I think I have restructured my relationship with basketball,” he told the Last Friday, the Columbus Dispatch. “It is now much healthier. Although I wouldn’t say that basketball has become the center of my identity, it was still challenging because it’s pretty much the only career goal I’ve ever had. Everything else kind of paled in comparison to that. I believe I have now freed myself from the obligation to play at any level.

“I’m glad I’ll get another chance to play, and I love the game and everything, but I wouldn’t say my relationship with it is as unhealthy as it once was.”

Towns has degrees from Harvard and Ohio State and might go to Howard to get a third.


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