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What Does PO Mean In Baseball? Explained!

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what PO mean in baseball

Baseball uses a system of codes, gestures, and abbreviations similar to most games. Baseball fans may find it confusing that the term “PO” has more than one meaning because it is occasionally used. What is a PO in baseball, you ask?

The primary definition of PO in baseball is “Put Out”, which is given to the fielder that physically makes the out of the runner by stepping on a base, catching the third strike, or catching a fly ball by the official scorer.

The other meaning of PO that is commonly used is “Pitcher Only”, which is used to describe pitchers that do not play any other positions.

For more details on PO in baseball, please continue reading.

What Does The PO Signify On A Baseball Roster?

The abbreviation PO in baseball translates to two things: “put out” and “pitcher only”.

The fielder who can physically record the entire occurrence of an out is awarded the putout (PO), which is a credit. It takes a few actions to record an out.

These actions include tagging a runner, touching the base during a forceout, catching the third strike, being closest to the runner who interfered, and catching a batted ball. But only an authorized scorer has the power to grant the fielder a PO privilege.

On the other hand, the phrase “pitcher only” (PO) designates a player who is solely focused on playing the position of pitcher and who does not get to bat or play other positions in the field.

Who Is Eligible For The Putout (PO) Credit?


In its most basic sense, a fielder is a defender. A pitcher, in addition to the fielder, protects the base by preventing the offense team from taking the running position. They can only accomplish this by getting the opposing team to record an out.

Fielders can be seen throwing the ball with their dominant hand while their non-dominant hand is covered in a glove.

In addition to the putout (PO), fielders can also achieve an unassisted putout. This credit results from specific actions, such as tagging a runner or stepping on a base during a forceout and getting a ground ball. The fielder is not permitted to receive the assist credit in this situation, according to the rule.

Alternatively, if the fielder catches the ground ball and immediately passes it to a teammate, calling an out on the opposing team, he receives credit for an assisted putout. At this point, the fielder will have bagged in a point from both “put out” and “assist” moves.


Throughout the course of the game, a catcher is responsible for several tasks. When a catcher is able to catch pitches that result in strikeouts, he receives a putout. The highest PO baseball scores are typically earned by catchers & first basemen!

First Baseman

Along with protecting the first base, the first baseman (1B) also coordinates activities in the vicinity, including the succession of baserunners. First basemen will be given a putout if they receive throws on ground-ball outs.

what PO mean in baseball

How Important Is A Putout (PO)?

The fundamental building block of more intricate baseball scoring maneuvers, a putout is significant. It specifically aids the official scorer in determining the game’s highlights, results, and team outcomes.

The scorer can create a thorough report covering the batter’s movements from being left on base, scored, or put out using the PO or put out baseball instances.

Once the scorer has completed the report, he can draw conclusions about a team’s plate appearances and demonstrate that they are equivalent to all of the moves the team made throughout the game, including runners left on base, total outs earned by the team, and total runs.

Putouts also contribute to the smooth operation of a baseball game, which is another reason why they should be taken into consideration. Points could not be earned by either team without any physical effort to record an out.

The decision to call for a putout somewhat simplifies the official scorer’s task.

What Point Does A Player Switch To Pitcher Only (PO) Status?

Depending on the coach’s approval, a player may be assigned to the pitcher-specific position. The decision regarding which players and at what point they are designated as pitchers only (PO) is always made by the coach.

It does not follow that a player cannot play other positions on the team if the coach assigns them to the PO position. If someone receives the PO for tactical reasons, the coach will have the final say.

Some athletes are capable of switching between roles, such as batter, baserunner, fielder, etc. On the other hand, a select few are ideal for a PO position.

Even the designation’s official status may change over time, again depending on the coach’s choice.


What Distinguishes A Baseball Putout From A Pitcher-only Situation?

Baseball is the only sport where there is no real distinction between a putout and a pitcher. Since there are two entirely different concepts covered by baseball jargon.

Baseball players can throw out a batter or baserunner on a putout (PO) in a variety of situations. On the other hand, a coach will designate a player as a pitcher only if they will only pitch, usually in high school leagues.

In The Annals Of Major League Baseball, Who Has Recorded The Most Career Putouts?

With 23,767 putouts over 20 seasons ending in 1907, Jake Beckley holds the record for the most career putouts in major league baseball history.

Eddie Murray, who played for five different teams in the American and National Leagues over the course of 21 seasons, is the closest modern player to the top of the all-time putout list with 21,265 putouts, ranking him fourth all-time.

In Major League Baseball, Which Position Has The Highest Putout Rate?

The most putouts are recorded by catchers and first basemen because they are able to catch the third strike on strikes and the third out on ground balls thrown across the infield, respectively.

What Is An Outfield Assist?

When an outfielder throws a ball into the infield and an out is recorded, it is referred to as an outfield assist. Baseball’s all-time leaders in outfield assists have some of the game’s most powerful arms because major league players need to be thrown out before they can reach the bag.


What does PO stand for in baseball then? It is either “put out” or “pitcher-only”. As a result, the fielders, catchers, basemen, etc. are credited for the putout who have accomplished certain moves during the game.

Although putouts don’t necessarily signify a high level of skill, you still need a trustworthy player at the two positions where putouts are most likely to occur: first baseman and pitcher.

Keep in mind that Major League Baseball does not typically use a pitcher-only role; rather, it does so in college or high school leagues.

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