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What’s A Cycle In Baseball? An Ultimate Explanation

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what's cycle in baseball

In baseball, one of the rarest and most exciting events is “hitting for the cycle.” What does this phrase, which you might hear during a baseball game, actually mean?

In baseball, a cycle occurs when a player hits a single, double, triple, and home run all in the same game, in any combination. In all of MLB history, there have only been 334 cycles. The natural cycle, in which the single is hit first, followed by the double, triple, and home run, is even more uncommon.

To find out more about baseball’s cycle, please read this article.

What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean In Baseball?

A batter who hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run all in the same game is said to be “hitting for the cycle.” The order of the hits is not important.

As of September 4th, 2021, hitting for the cycle had only occurred 333 times, or less than 1% of all baseball games, making it a remarkable accomplishment. About as frequently as no-hitters, cycles occur. Only 27 players have ever completed a cycle. In MLB history, only one player has ever hit for the cycle in the same game.

The Miami Marlins are the only MLB team where a player has never successfully hit for the cycle, despite it being uncommon.

How Rare Are Cycles In Baseball?

Cycles are one of the least likely events that can occur in baseball. They typically only occur a few times per season.

Jeff Sackmann discovered that the average likelihood of a player hitting for the cycle is only 0.00590%, although the exact percentages depend on the hitter and the season. There would be only two and a half cycles per season if this estimation is accurate.

But occasionally a season goes by without any cycles being hit. For instance, the longest stretch without a cycle in MLB history occurred between 1896 and 1901, when nobody managed to hit one.

However, the opposite has also been true, with multiple cycles occurring in a single season, such as in 1933 and 2009. Each of these seasons had eight cycles. Postseason cycles are the rarest, despite this. There has only ever been one in MLB history, which was committed by Brock Holt in 2018 while he was a member of the Boston Red Sox.

How Many Baseball Players Have Completed A Cycle?

There have been 334 cycles hit by players in the MLB. However, some athletes have hit two or even three cycles throughout their careers.

what's cycle in baseball

Only five players have experienced three cycles throughout their careers, and the 24 players have experienced two. There have only been 300 players in MLB history to hit for the cycle when taking into account players with multiple cycles.

Why Is A Cycle So Hard To Complete?

First things first, a hitter needs to get 4 hits, which is a little improbable. Another element of this is hitting a triple, which is also extremely unlikely. Then, a hitter must hit a home run, which doesn’t happen very often for some players.

Overall, everything has to come together. The triple is the most improbable part of the cycle because it usually requires hitting the ball down the right-field line and having it bounce in the right direction or hitting one of the gaps and hoping for a good bounce.

Baseball’s easiest hits to obtain are the single and double, which are fairly commonplace. It is unlikely to hit a triple and a home run in the same game, though. Because of a number of important factors, home runs have surpassed triples in recent years.

Who Has Had The Most Career Cycles Hit In Baseball?

3 cycles have been hit in a career, which is the most ever.

  • Bob Meusel hit three cycles in 1921, 1922, and 1928 for the New York Yankees.
  • With the Texas Rangers in 2012 and 2015, Adrian Beltre hit two cycles in addition to one for the Seattle Mariners in 2008. Beltre is the only player to complete a cycle with three different teams in the same ballpark, Globe Life Field, where the Rangers play.
  • For the Brooklyn Robins, Babe Herman hit two cycles, both in 1931. He also had one cycle for the Chicago Cubs in 1933.
  • In 2017, 2019, and 2021, Trea Turner completed three cycles, all while playing for the Washington Nationals. Turner, who was only 23 years old in 2017, was the second-youngest player in MLB history to ever hit a cycle.
  • In addition, John Reilly hit three cycles, all for the Cincinnati Reds, two in 1883 and one in 1890. However, all of these cycles were accomplished before the modern era.

To Hit For A Cycle, What Abilities Are Required?

Power and speed are a cycle’s two most important attributes. To hit a home run, you must first have the necessary power. The average player may only hit 10 to 20 home runs per season.

The batter’s speed must be adequate to potentially push the envelope and attempt the triple. If a hitter lacks top-end speed, they might only hit 1-2 triples per season.

Speed is something that is challenging to acquire in later life, but with the right training, speed can be developed in children. Today’s all-star player can typically perform all of these tasks.

Baseball’s best players are 5-tool stars, so there is less and less specialization in the game. Read our article on 5 tools here. There are hints to help a player develop into a 5-tool player. A five-tool player is a scout’s dream because they have a better chance of going for the cycle and making history.

Tips For Hitting The Cycle

To hit a cycle, you first need to have at least four plate apprentices. If you have fewer than four, you won’t be able to complete the cycle with all four hits.

But the more plate appearances, the better. It’s more likely that you will hit for the cycle if you can get five or six at-bats. The likelihood of hitting the cycle increases with each additional plate appearance.

what's cycle in baseball

Having five plate appearances compared to four increases your chance of hitting for a cycle by five times, per FanGraphs. In addition, your chance of hitting for the cycle increases by 15 times compared to when you only have four plate appearances.

Therefore, being at the top of the lineup will give you the most plate appearances. The batter at the top of the order will probably get more chances at the plate than the batter at the bottom.

If you want to get all four hits, you must also be a quick runner and a solid hitter. Many players have the strength to hit home runs but lack the speed to get a triple, and the opposite is also true.

What Is A Baseball Homerun Cycle?

A home run cycle is a variation of the cycle in which the batter hits four home runs in a single game, each of which results in a run total ranging from one to four.

A home run cycle is challenging because the player must hit four home runs in a single game in addition to aligning the runners on base. No runners need to be in scoring position for one home run, and one runner, two runners, and three runners are required for the other three, though they don’t have to be hit in that order.

The naturally occurring homerun cycle is perhaps the rarest accomplishment in baseball, as it hasn’t occurred yet. The natural home run cycle entails a player hitting a solo home run, a two-run home run, a three-run home run, and a grand slam in that order, all within the same game. We will go into more detail about the natural cycle in the following section.

What Is A Reverse Cycle In Baseball?

You read about the natural cycle in the previous section. The definition of a reverse cycle should be obvious to you. When a player takes all four shots in the opposite direction, it is called a reverse cycle. Consider a scenario in which a player hits a home run before a triple, double, and single, all in succession. Reverse cycles are the name for this type of cycle.

What Is The “Natural Cycle” In Baseball?

I’ll explain the more complex version of the baseball term cycle after you’ve gotten used to it. A natural cycle is a cycle that has advanced.

When a batter completes a cycle in the proper order, that is a natural cycle. Accordingly, the natural cycle is when a player plays the shots in the following order: single, double, triple, and a home run.


In baseball, what is a cycle? I’m hoping you’ve figured it out. I made an effort to include as much information as I could on the subject. In a baseball game, hitting for a cycle occurs less than 1% of the time. It’s difficult to get four hits in a baseball game, making hitting for the cycle even more difficult.

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