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Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum?

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why do baseball players chew gums

There may be many players chewing gum when you watch baseball on television. In fact, you might even notice the enormous gum tubs that the players can access in the dugouts. Who knows why baseball players chew gum?

Baseball players chew bubble gum for many reasons aside from habit. By chewing bubble gum, they can focus better, avoid drying out, feel less stressed, and have other benefits. This article will discuss the specific reasons why baseball players chew gum as well as MLB-approved bubble gum.

What Motivates Baseball Players To Chew Gum?

Chewing Tobacco Substitute

MLB prohibits players from chewing tobacco in the dugout and during games. As a result, players must look for something to chew on. And a secure substitute is chewing bubble baseball gum. Baseball players, on the other hand, become more focused and alert while chewing baseball gum during games.

Improve Concentration And Situational Judgment

In competitive sports, there are times when a quick decision is necessary. The ability to think quickly is necessary for this situation in addition to agility. Chewing gum at this time will help to increase blood circulation and enhance cognition and judgment.

The process of chewing can increase the activity of brain nerves. When the jaw muscles work continuously, the amount of blood pumped to the heart and brain is “improved.” After that, oxygen is delivered to the nervous system by the blood.

From that point on, many players will experience an increase in alertness, focus, and responsiveness in crisis situations. Baseball-shaped gumball chewing also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. They are better able to judge situations accurately and make wiser choices when chewing gum.

Baseball gumballs are a great way for coaches to improve their reaction time to game changes. In high-pressure situations, chewing gum can improve athletes’ and coaches’ decision-making and reduce errors.

Prevent Dry Mouth

Gum chewing by baseball players helps to prevent dry mouth. Baseball can cause dry mouth because it is an outside, dusty sport that is occasionally played in the sweltering heat.

Fielders who are not in the dugout and do not have access to liquids may find this particularly difficult. Gum encourages salivation and prevents dry mouth during those extended periods of time spent in the field. Some companies that make and market bubble gum make it specifically to help athletes with dry mouth.


Gum is a common stress-relief strategy among baseball players. Baseball is a timing sport, and although it occasionally receives criticism for being too slow in comparison to other major sports, when the action does occur, it does so very quickly.

Pitches are timed at 90 to 100 mph. Bats can propel baseballs off of them at speeds of more than 100 mph. The most crucial moments of the game occur in a matter of seconds.

Baseball players are aware of the value of being loose and prepared. Tension can lead to delayed reactions, and delayed reactions can lead to subpar outcomes. Players keep themselves loose and in a ready rhythm while constantly moving to ease tension.

why do baseball players chew gums

While they wait for a pitch, batters rock back and forth while moving the bat on their shoulder. As the pitch is being delivered, fielders prepare themselves and move toward the plate.

In these fleeting moments, some baseball players will chew gum to help them unwind and release tension. Some athletes believe that chewing gum helps reduce tension in those split-second moments, even though there is no scientific evidence to support this.

Reduce Anxiety And Stress During Competition

Everyone seems to experience some anxiety before each game, with the exception of the players and their coach. The best scenario would be if there was a way to assist them in quickly alleviating this feeling while preserving the highest level of performance.

Chewing gum can significantly lower stress levels, according to experts. The brain receives more blood when chewing baseball gum, which is why. It causes the adrenal glands to release the anti-stress hormone cortisol, which aids in reducing stress.

The easiest way to regain composure and increase your level of concentration is to chew on a stick of gum.

Chewing Gum Is Fun

Baseball players frequently chew to blow bubbles because it is enjoyable to do so while watching games. Baseball players like to compete with one another in the dugout to see who can blow the biggest bubble because it’s fun to blow bubbles during games. It fits with the superstition aspect of chewing gum that blowing bubbles helps a player focus before a pitch.

Just A Habit

Baseball players occasionally develop the habit of chewing baseball gum. They join the many others around them who are chewing gum. Others might opt for different kinds of gum instead of chewing bubble gum. Therefore, the players feel more comfortable having something to chew instead of having an “empty mouth”.

Who Chews Baseball Players’ Gum?

Baseball players are allowed to chew any kind of gum they like, but some varieties are more popular than others. Dubble Bubble tubs are commonplace in dugouts. With that stuff, huge bubbles are possible. Another popular product among fans across the league with a long history in the sport is Big League Chew.

Alternatives for orally fixated ballplayers:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Bananas
  • Nuts

In the dugout, seeds can create a terrible mess. On the top of a rookie’s ballcap or the underside of a bench, gum lurks covertly.

The game has always included gum. Since the early 20th century, packs of baseball trading cards have included gum. Baseball-themed gumballs are now available in gumball machines, individually wrapped gum buckets, and even baseball bats.

Is Tobacco Chewing Prohibited In The Minor Leagues?

Chewing tobacco use has been prohibited in college and minor-league baseball since 1990. Fines are imposed on those who break the tobacco ban in minor league baseball. For each incident, minors who chew tobacco face fines between $100 and $300.

Does Baseball Have Spitting?

Due to habit, many Major League Baseball players spit during games after smokeless tobacco was banned from the sport. When chewing on sunflower seeds during the game, some players spit out the shell, but many do it out of the habit of dipping. Many players choose to spit out sunflower seeds out of habit because dipping made you spit out the product as you were using it.


Baseball gum has been chewed by athletes ever since Major League Baseball began. Baseball’s evolution coincided with the introduction of baseball gum. Despite MLB’s ongoing efforts to eliminate smokeless tobacco from games, many players are now chewing gum while watching them.

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