March 15, 2024

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‘Zero Respect’: Tennis Star Slams ‘Uneducated’ Kyrgios as Aussies Cheeky Wimbledon Act Revealed

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‘Zero Respect': Tennis Star Slams ‘Uneducated' Kyrgios as Aussies Cheeky Wimbledon Act Revealed

Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas has fueled his feud with Australian Nick Kyrgios.

The Greek star decided this heated feud needed a new chapter because Tsitsipas and Kyrgios have a complicated history.

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Future episodes of Break Point, a Netflix tennis series, will feature the 24-year-old criticizing the Australian star.

After their contentious match in the third round of Wimbledon last year, in which Kyrgios prevailed in a ferocious four sets, he used strong language in his remarks.

The Canberra native asked for his opponent to be defaulted during the match after he appeared to hit someone with a ball he had hit into the crowd.

During their respective press conferences, the two men threw grenades at one another, accusing one another of being at fault for the violent confrontation.

Now that new episodes are set to air next week, Tsitsipas has rekindled the ugly feud with new comments made in the wake of Wimbledon.

“His approach to tennis is similar to his NBA basketball attitude. It seems like an inexperienced way to play tennis, in my opinion. Tennis, however, is a gentleman’s game; it’s all about respect. We are not engaged in a game of basketball. I believe he was attempting to ruin my rhythm. He kept putting his towel in my box,” Tsitsipas said.

“On that particular day, my opponent showed absolutely no respect. He never stopped pushing my buttons, and of course I became irritated. He simply adores being the center of attention. And if he doesn’t get any of that, it’s total disaster.”

After Kyrgios withdrew from the United Cup at the end of last year, Tsitsipas snubbed his rival on social media.

On the eve of the first tournament, which will be held in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, Kyrgios withdrew from the mixed teams competition.

Despite rumors that Kyrgios had merely shunned the occasion, Australian great Wally Masur said on Thursday that Kyrgios’ management of his injury was a very good reason.

Tsitsipas’ reaction to the information was a little different.

“It is not a surprise, I hope he enjoys his holidays,” In Perth, Tsitsipas said.

The Australian star made a startling admission during the series when he said he had been checked into a London psychiatric ward during Wimbledon in 2019 and had been thinking about killing himself.

He said 2019 was “the lowest point of my career” and he played the tournament with a white sleeve on one arm to hide evidence that he’d been self harming.

“I was genuinely contemplating if I wanted to commit suicide,” Kyrgios said.

“I woke up to find my dad sobbing openly on the bed after I lost at Wimbledon. For me, that served as a major wake-up call. I said, “OK, I can’t do this anymore.” In order to address my issues, I wound up in a mental hospital in London.”

Kyrgios’ long-time manager and friend Daniel Horsfall said he was “f**ked” and the tennis star cried while telling him: “I don’t know what to do, bro. I’d rather not be here.”

Kyrgios said he “hated the kind of person I was” and couldn’t deal with the expectation.

“I was drinking, abusing drugs, lost my relationship with my family, pushed all my close friends away,” he said.

“You could tell I was in pain. The scars I had on my arm were all over it. I actually got an arm sleeve for this reason. To cover it all.”

Wimbledon is scheduled to begin on July 3, and Part 2 of Netflix’s Break Point will air on June 21.


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